Ban the Income Tax

It is a truly tragic development that in America -- a country founded on the principle of the inviolability of private property -- half of us prey on the substance of our neighbors.A striking 37-second video moment made it to the internet last week.It was taken at a demonstration of public-sector unions in Springfield, Illinois marching in support of the proposed tax increases in that state. The clip features a public school teacher, an African-American lady, who carries a couple of placards while shouting: "Where is the money? Where is the money? ... Give up the bucks! Where is the cash? We need it fast!"The video is an eye-opening illustration of what taxes are ultimately about: Americans helping themselves to the property of other Americans.According to the latest data, almost half of all Americans pay no federal income tax. Commenting on this fact, nationally syndicated columnist Phyllis Schlafly recently observed that April 15 "now divides Americans into two almost...(Read Full Article)