iPad, Therefore I Am

The Analogue Counter-Revolution, Part 2Apple has a new gadget, as I'm sure you've heard. It's sleek and beautiful, a luminous and luxuriant screen they call the iPad, with which you can access and manipulate entertainment, data, and the internet with a brush of your finger.It is an amazing machine. And like all great feats of technology, it makes itself seem, after only few minutes, both necessary and inevitable. Its sinewy siren song is loud and longing, crying out to be touched, played with, used. As many reviewers have noted, the great genius of this device is that the device itself drops away completely. You don't check your e-mail on your iPad -- you're just in your e-mail. You don't watch a movie on your iPad -- you're just holding a movie in your hand. The experience is at once immersive and invisible, seductive and submissive.The iPad is and does all of these things. And what the iPad is and does has been the subject of considerable debate. Much less discussed is what this...(Read Full Article)