Fancy Nancy

That's a pretty amazing photograph of Speaker Nancy Pelosi on the cover of the May/June issue of Capitol File magazine. I saw it linked on The Drudge Report and didn't even recognize her. The change is nothing short of remarkable.At first I thought that one of her "image" handlers had goofed. In an effort to polish her up, they had gotten carried away and knocked off too many years. This picture's puffery went so far that it nearly amounts to the roll-out of a new product that the public hasn't seen, like the Apple iPad. But Nancy Pelosi is not new to the scene.  In marketing and advertising, certain procedures are followed when the time comes to remake a person or product's public image. Media-savvy consultants don't just spring it on the public out of the blue. Simply explained, a rebuild is done in phases and measured steps. The hair is allowed to be shown progressively grayer; the words "sugar sweetened" get smaller on the box and the word...(Read Full Article)