What's Wrong with Legalizing Prostitution?

Our culture markets the Pretty Woman myth of the glamorous prostitute earning big money from handsome johns. That works occasionally -- as long as the girl is young, beautiful, and lucky. Even then, the ravages of prostitution over time are not pretty. Street prostitutes often service as many as ten to fifteen men a night; little wonder that they age rapidly and get tired out and used up. Often they end up drug-addicted, bruised, and battered, often at the hands of their pimps, who take most of their earnings and get rich. Prostitutes call their work "paid rape" and note the friends who "didn't make it out alive." Nearly half of the women in prostitution attempt suicide. Most (90%) desperately want out.Any discussion of prostitution must center on a basic fact: Control and exploitation of another person is slavery. Pimps control 80%-95% of all forms of prostitution. Nearly 70% of those in prostitution entered before age 16. In the U.S., the average age of entry is...(Read Full Article)