We Have Not Yet Begun to Fight

Okay. Obamanation won this round of the ObamaCare battle. The first of the Democratic equivalent of the Ten Plagues of Egypt has been passed by a president and Congress straight out of a Michael Moore documentary. Harold Witkov of American Thinker calls this a gift from the "man who thinks of himself as our Pharaoh."But he will not win the war. He will not win because American exceptionalism is alive and well, as is God. Yes, I know that this sounds awesomely Neanderthal and about as politically correct as eating Twinkies and playing dodgeball...or, perhaps, eating Twinkies while playing dodgeball.But, to echo one of those dead white men from the Revolutionary War, when called upon by the British to surrender, we "have not yet begun to fight." And fight we will against Obama's expressed intent, as Rep. John Dingell (D-MI) proclaimed with brutal honesty to "control the people."Bottom line: Obama is, indeed, out to destroy the freedom and culture that makes...(Read Full Article)