Top 100 Films of Obama Era

In October of 2009, Big Fur Hat charged his Academy of Cards and Scribes (regular commentators) at to form the 25-member (names at bottom) ALFI, tasked to list the top 200 Films of the Obamite Era. Over the course of two grueling nominating sessions, the 850 nominees were reduced to 100 films:1)    To Be Revealed at the End (and no, that's not a movie title, we mean that literally)2)    The Manchurian Candidate3)    Trillion Dollar Baby4)    Terms of Impeachment 5)    Ferris Buehler's Layoff6)    Guess Who's Taxing Your Dinner7)    Swindler's List8)    Clueless9)    When Harry Bribed Mary10)   The Lyin' King11)   Loathsome Gov12)   The Incredible Sulk13)   Out of Africa14)   Throw Obama From the Train15)   The Man Who Thought He Knew Too Much 16)   Broke Back...(Read Full Article)