The Obama Zone

The past fifteen months of living under the Obama presidency bring to mind the 1950s television series "The Twilight Zone." Unfortunately, as America and the world watch Obama ignore constitutional limitations that have been in place since the country's inception, travel the globe bowing to dictators and apologizing for the country's greatness, slap away longstanding friendships with our strongest allies, and cause irreversible damage to our economy, we must also face the reality that we are not living out a "fantasy" or "science fiction" episode of an eerie television series. We are living through a horror show that can end only with a macabre twist, yet we must remain in suspense for another two-plus years to find out exactly how ghastly it will be. And if it is anything like the memorable episodes of The Twilight Zone, it will not end well:The Time ElementThis episode opens with a man explaining to his psychiatrist that he is having recurring dreams of...(Read Full Article)