The Cut-and-Paste Doctrines of the Left

This semester, the gay activist group SoulForce will make its second visit in four years to the campus of the Christian university where I teach. We are one of sixteen stops the group will make at campuses deemed to have policies which discriminate against gays. Their annual tour is called the Equality Ride, an event which reflects the activists' desire for the gay rights movement to be the civil rights movement of our generation.Our university does not discriminate against homosexuals, who are neither denied admission nor expelled from school for being openly gay. As a Christian university, however, we do have a policy regarding sexual behavior. Specifically, SoulForce is protesting our policy prohibiting gays from having sex while they are students here, which is a specific consequence of a broader policy prohibiting premarital sex for anyone, gay or straight, who is a student here. The only students affected unequally by this policy are gay students who want to marry during their...(Read Full Article)