Stupak and His Sheep

Bart Stupak has found a higher value than preserving human life: lockstep partisan loyalty. No serious adult can believe for an instant that the microscopic fig leaf of a meaningless executive order really persuaded this "Pro-Life" Democrat. Discussions about some sort of executive order had been floating around Washington for weeks. The easiest course, if an executive order were really the answer, would have been for Stupak to craft the best language he could long before the vote, share that language with pro-life groups and solicit their input, and then announce it before the Sunday vote.  Instead, the congressman obviously caved to the pressure of his fellow Democrats, something more important to him than an innocent baby's life. Those people who understand the vile nature of unrestricted murder of the unborn do not miraculously (or rather, diabolically) find in a massive, chaotic, and almost incomprehensible bill interests greater than that baby's life. Stupak...(Read Full Article)