Soros: Another Golden Match for Arianna

The old axiom, "Consider the source," is as important today as it ever was. It's far more important, actually. Because with the prominence of conglomerate corporations, front groups, and shadowy funding sources, it is often nearly impossible to take anything or anyone at face value.Uncovering the genuine source of a public person's opinions, whether in politics, media or business, has become an enterprise for conscientious sleuthing. It simply isn't something most working people have time to do.While most conservatives with a bent towards curiosity are pretty up to speed on the vast shadow influence which George Soros has on the modern Democratic Party and progressive front groups, from MoveOn to the Center for American Progress, Soros's financial influence with prominent media figures remains far more of a mystery.For instance, the new darling of leftist causes, the woman who charms anchors from coast to coast and was recently named number 12 on Forbes' first-ever list of...(Read Full Article)