Obamacare and Las Vegas

Democrats need to learn a little lesson about Sin City. I love a good gambling story. Whether it's a hotshot blackjack player counting cards, a housewife who pulls the lever on million dollar slot, or a sports bettor sweating over the point spread during the final minutes of a playoff game, it doesn't matter. Stories that teeter between wealth and ruin are endlessly fascinating.It's the rush of possibly beating the house that drives customers, and the pursuit of a profit that drives casinos. It's a mutual relationship where both parties consent to the potential for winning and the risk of losing. And casinos clean up...big time. Why? Because the house always has the advantage. And all customers are aware that the odds are stacked against them. The casinos set the rules, they own the venue, and they put up the risk of capital. Americans lose nearly $100 billion in gambling every year. And in Las Vegas, it's all perfectly legal.Meanwhile, according to the Weekly Standard, the ten...(Read Full Article)