Obama to Israel: 'Drop Dead'

It took a while -- fourteen months, to be exact -- but both the ADL and AIPAC have issued very solid statements condemning the president's new verbal war on Israel. The organizations are further asking for the administration to curtail the public berating of its supposed ally and work with Israel in a more diplomatic fashion on both the peace process and Iran.  What is disgraceful is that so far, exactly one elected Democrat in Congress has done the same: Congresswoman Shelley Berkley of Nevada. Sadly, Democrats seem to care far more about passing health care legislation this week than protecting the U.S.-Israel relationship from Obama's assault. It's apparent that indifference of (if not hostility to) Israel's survival is at work. The infamous New York Daily News headline about Gerald Ford's response to New York's fiscal crisis was less fair to him (he never said these words) than the title of this article is to President Obama.It is interesting that David Axelrod, who...(Read Full Article)