Obama the Entrepreneurship Expert

President-of-the-World Obama is at it again. Apparently, he feels that the problems in this country are too small for him, or else they have all been solved. His wisdom and greatness are too important to be squandered on only one nation. They must be made available to save the entire world.In his latest initiative, Obama takes "I'm from the government, and I'm here to help you" across national borders. The White House recently "announced a 'summit on entrepreneurship' to build economic ties with the Islamic world, part of President Barack Obama's outreach to Muslims." It has invited participants from more than forty countries over five continents for the April 26-27 conference in Washington.On one level, this initiative is laughable, undoubtedly worthy fodder for several "Saturday Night Live" and Jon Stewart skits. On another, it reflects a serious situation -- the continuing delusional nature of Obama and his administration.The lighter aspectsThe...(Read Full Article)