Obama Blames China

"It is certainly in our interest, and in the interest of peace and stability in Asia and the world, that we take what steps we can toward improved practical relations with Peking." That was Richard Nixon in his first foreign policy report to Congress in 1970, and that perspective, in essence, has shaped U.S. policy toward China ever since. Over the course of the last forty years, the relationship has been tested many times, but the general movement has been just as President Nixon predicted: toward peace and stability. The foundation of this improvement has been the mutually beneficial opening up of trade relations between the two countries.Now that vital economic relationship has been jeopardized by Democrats seeking a scapegoat for their failed economic policies. It has become increasingly obvious that the outcome of the fall elections will turn not just on outrage over health care reform (and there is plenty of reason to be outraged), but also over the issue of high...(Read Full Article)