No Longer Able to Save on Health Care Insurance

The president has promised that his health care plan will save the average American family 2,500 dollars a year in insurance premiums. What an amateur! Without a single Ivy League credential to my name -- let alone any help from government --I did almost three times better this year myself.But it gets worse. Not only is Obama unable to match our savings, but his plan outlaws what we have done under (Section 1302 (c) (2) (A).Yep. With some commonsense shifting around of our family's finances that are soon to be felonious, we are saving as much as 7,000 dollars this year on premiums this year. What we did was hardly revolutionary.  (It is important to note here that we may or may not save the 7K on overall medical costs, depending on what happens to us this year. Having said that -- unlike our credentialed president -- we understand that "medical costs" and "insurance prices" are two different things. There will be no improvement in our health care cost...(Read Full Article)