Natural Law and the 'Right' to Health Care

Is there a "right" to health care? The U.N., the EU, and now the U.S. Congress are on record as taking the affirmative on this question. The basic rationale is that the fact of everyone's needing health care (true) translates directly into everyone's having a right to it (false). Such thinking is emblematic of the perpetually puerile, primary-process predisposition of the modern liberal mind: "I need, therefore you give."  Or, as another famous "progressive" once put it: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need."What this admittedly abbreviated version of the "health-care-is-a-right" position misses is the critical distinction between negative rights and positive ones, and the further distinction between genuine and counterfeit rights.  In sum, one can either believe in the "right" to health care or the Constitution's foundation in natural law. It is impossible to believe in both.The rights...(Read Full Article)