Is BHO the New FDR?

On the cover of its November 24, 2008 edition, Time Magazine photo-shopped Barack Obama into a classic image of a jaunty Franklin Delano Roosevelt, right down to the politically incorrect cigarette holder.The article is headlined, "The New New Deal." There is no question mark. Back in those heady days of hope and change, Obama promised to remake Washington in his own image, much as FDR had before him."His top priority will be stabilizing the financial system," Time ingenuously reported, "followed by investing in renewable energy, universal health care, middle-class tax cuts and education reform."A year and a half later, Obama has indeed honored Time's bold prediction. The parallels between FDR and BHO are hard to miss: the eagerness to improvise, the impulse to control, the urge to scapegoat, the willingness to let business wonder what fresh hell tomorrow might bring. To understand the long-term effects of this style in the real world, it pays to revisit...(Read Full Article)