How Many Pounds of Flesh Will It Take to Kill Israel?

The first time I heard reference to a "pound of flesh," I was only a young teenager. At the time, I was not privy to the whole Merchant of Venice story. All I knew was that a criminal was to be punished by forfeiting a pound of his flesh. Silly me, what did I know? I thought he was to select his own pound. So in my mind, I began to picture myself as the unfortunate criminal deciding what pound of flesh I would sacrifice. I decided that the first thing to go would be a pound's worth of my buttocks. Then I wondered, if convicted of the same crime a second time, what I would turn to next, and so on. Eventually I created my own sacrifice priority list: tuchus, appendix, kidney, foot, hand, etc.It was only later that I discovered what Paul Harvey called "the rest of the story": that in The Merchant of Venice, you do not get to pick your pound of flesh. Someone else does it for you -- even if it means cutting out your heart.For years, the world has been clamoring for...(Read Full Article)