Hope and Change, as Predicted

In January 2009, I wrote "Predictions of Hope and Change." President Obama had been in office barely a week, and the big topic was his "stimulus" plan. It had not yet passed, and there was some uncertainty that it would. Nor had he released a proposed budget of any kind. In fact, everything about his presidency was a guess.I made ten fairly specific predictions. How did they turn out?Prediction 1. "Obama and the Democrats will pass a massive stimulus bill ... it will cost just a smidgen less than the $850 billion [TARP] bailout ..."Actual results: They indeed passed a $787-billion stimulus. But they were even cleverer than that. Shortly after, within two weeks, they passed a $410-billion omnibus bill. So the total was well over the $850 billion mark, but no one noticed since all the focus was on the thing called "stimulus."Prediction 2. "The $849 billion stimulus will be a bit short on construction spending but chock full of funding...(Read Full Article)