Farewell and Adieu, Jack Bauer

When "24"'s Jack Bauer first burst into the American consciousness back in 2001, a few short weeks after the attacks on 9/11, it was as if, as the New York Times said at the time, that there had been a "deadly convergence between real life and Hollywood fantasy." Little did the Times know, nor could any of us have guessed, how "24" would reflect and define that convergence for eight thrilling seasons, while acting as catalyst for discussing the most controversial issues of the decade.The Fox Television Network announced on Friday that this season would be the last for the action series, which gives us the opportunity to look back and examine "24," and especially the character who defined the War on Terror for the eight years that the show existed. (Note: The writers' strike of 2008 forced cancellation of the series for that season.)Jack Bauer may be the first fictional character in history who has been accused of inciting war crimes. During the...(Read Full Article)