The Incontestable Tenets of the Green Church

If discussing politics and religion should be avoided at all costs, then science must join the list. Much of today's "scientific consensus" is actually religion in its purest sense. The scientific faithful are proselytizing, pronouncing woe to anyone who questions their doctrine.Too many scientists are High Priests in the First Assembled Reformation Church of Environmentalism, or FARCE for short. They and their followers defend their god -- the environment -- with the same zeal with which fanatical Muslims defend Mohammad.Actually, to grant church status is a bit kind; FARCE is a cult. Nonbelievers can have rational discussions with religious persons. But sensible debate is impossible with cult followers. Fact, history, and common sense don't matter to the cultist. Thus they don't matter to the FARCE adherent.The slightest questioning of a FARCE tenet labels one a heretic. Denounce man-made climate change -- FARCE's core belief -- and you're a global warming denier. Blind...(Read Full Article)