The Art of the NFL

Sports get a bad rap in the arts world. The most generous arts professionals feign indifference or ironic amusement: Sports are quaint. At worst, they roll their eyes and rant: Sports are an evil corporate conspiracy aimed to dumb down the population.  I take a less extreme view. I'm a dance writer. When I meet new people, I don't expect them to have seen any ballet other than the Nutcracker or to be able to name today's "it" ballet choreographer. The performing arts is a rarefied world for a rarefied audience. I love it, but it can be nice to take a break. For instance, the last time I was helping my former boss squeeze into a corset for the Miss Fire Island Pageant, did I think to myself, "Why don't more Americans go to drag shows?" No. I laced him up and cashed my paycheck, then went home to watch Sunday Night Football.  Football, more than any other sport, enrages balletomanes. The new Cowboys Stadium provides a good example. The field, the...(Read Full Article)