The Ambassador and His Twitter Account

Relying upon the unfettered ego of public figures and the sense of anonymity offered by the internet, the online messaging system Twitter is proving itself a valuable, if sometimes disconcerting, means of gathering insight into the psyche of powerful people, and even of governments themselves. This is especially true where Russia is concerned.Russia's ambassador to NATO, the rabid nationalist Dmitri Rogozin, for instance, maintains a Twitter blog which he inundates with stream-of-consciousness missives, sometimes while present at NATO security meetings in lieu of paying attention. He vacillates between Russian and English, sometimes translating the Russian material for his English readers (he has around three thousand Twitter "followers").When tweeting, Rogozin often includes the same sort of crude, vulgar forms of verbal expression relied upon by Russian nationalist commenters in the blogosphere when they try to harass liberal bloggers into submission. He...(Read Full Article)