Susan Rice: Another Do-Little Obama Appointee

Like many of her cohorts in the Obama administration, U.N. Permanent Representative Susan Rice seems to spend more time gallivanting around the Washington, D.C. social scene than doing any actual productive work. A report from Richard Grennel, who served as official spokesman for the U.N. Ambassador during the entire eight years of George Bush's term in the White House, suggests that Dr. Rice spends more time channeling her inner Desiree Rogers than forcing direction at the U.N. Security Council.Rice has been more active 'in the social scene of Washington and the White House' than at the U.N., as suggested by a Security Council Report study that notes a marked decrease in activity at the Security Council over the past year.  Desiree Rogers, of course, is the Obamas' Social Secretary, described in The Huffington Post as "preening and self-indulgent, lording it over her table at the [first Obama official] state dinner, while ignoring her own mundane duties such as ensuring...(Read Full Article)