Supreme Arrogance

It has been widely recognized that President Obama's attack on the Supreme Court during his State of the Union address was arrogant and rude. Obama broke with two hundred years of SOTU tradition and publicly humiliated and denounced the honorable justices of the Supreme Court in a move that should make Americans cringe. By using the privileged platform of his State of the Union address to attack a specific judicial ruling, Obama crossed a line that even many in his party have admitted was beyond the pale.But besides emphasizing his brashness and immaturity, might there be a more serious significance to Obama's comments? Throughout his presidency, Obama has demonstrated a dictatorial mindset at odds with our constitutional divisions of authority. Perhaps he hopes he can one day neutralize the independence of the judiciary, Chicago-style. If so, it's time to put him in his place, and fast.The division of responsibility called the separation of powers has been in place since America's...(Read Full Article)