President Incompetent

Whether or not you support President Obama's policies, one thing is becoming increasingly obvious: He simply lacks competence. The best indicator of this is his ineffectiveness in accomplishing any of his own objectives. His first year in office resembles the career of a quarterback who never completes a pass. His list of failures is all too familiar -- health care reform, closing Guantánamo, cap-and-trade, and so on. He has failed to accomplish any of his self-identified top priorities. Other than getting himself elected, he appears to have a very limited range of abilities. For conservatives, the president's incompetence is a mixed blessing. Conservatives are breathing sighs of relief that health care reform and cap-and-trade have crashed and burned. For his supporters, his ineffectiveness must be painful to watch.Nevertheless, the fact that the most powerful man in the world is incompetent does not make for a good situation. Unfortunately, he is in a position to do major...(Read Full Article)