Planning to Fail

The economy seems to have settled in somewhat from the disaster of 2008.  Every indication shows that the economy is poised for a rebound -- provided the right trigger is in place.In the past, the trigger that has always got the economy back on track has been tax cuts, by Ronald Reagan, George Bush, and John Kennedy -- presidents from both sides of the aisle. And just when the economy is primed for that trigger, President Obama is going in the exact opposite direction. It is as if he is sabotaging the efforts of the American people.  It would be one thing if Obama were just plain incompetent, like Jimmy Carter, but the evidence says otherwise. In the same week he lectures the American people and (presumably) the American Congress, he signs into effect a $1.9-trillion increase in the national debt. This is at the same time when the budget deficit is already at crisis proportions according to World Bank standards. In effect, Obama is using the credit card -- even our kids'...(Read Full Article)