Congress, Toyota, and CAFE Standards

Congress excoriated Toyota executives over recent safety issues even though Congress is responsible for killing far more Americans in car crashes, via the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) program it enacted into law. The auto deaths of tens of thousands of Americans can be attributed to Congress's action.  The number of deaths attributed to Toyota safety issues equates to two per year for the past ten years.  On average, there are 40,000 automobile deaths per year, so the death rate related to Toyota safety issues is .005%.  A mere pittance compared to the deaths attributed to CAFE standards.The federal government enacted CAFE standards in 1975 as a response to American dependence on foreign oil and gasoline consumption.  The power-hungry control mongers on Capital Hill regulate the automobile industry requiring companies to meet minimum fuel efficiency standards for all classes of automobiles and trucks.  Meanwhile, those standards negatively impact free...(Read Full Article)