Can Illinois Go Red, and Give the White House the Blues?

Illinois has been a disastrous state for Republicans for over a decade. That could start changing tomorrow. A former Republican Governor, George Ryan, is in jail for selling driver's licenses in exchange for campaign contributions while he was Secretary of State, becoming the fourth recent Illinois governor to serve time and get to wear one of the Fighting Illini's team colors: orange. Rod Blagojevich may be the fifth. Blago's attempted sale of Barack Obama's former Senate seat led in the end to the appointment of Roland Burris, who is not running for reelection. In a state where Obama won by 25% in 2008, carrying sixteen of Illinois's nineteen congressional districts, the open Senate race looks very competitive. The likely winner of the GOP primary for the U.S. Senate seat on Tuesday is 10th District Congressman Mark Kirk (ahead by 53% to 18% in the most recent survey of the primary race). Kirk is either slightly ahead or slightly behind against the leading...(Read Full Article)