Black Civil Rights Activist Murdered by Castro Regime

On Feb 23, black human rights activist Orlando Zapata-Tamayo died after an 83-day hunger strike and a series of savage beatings by his Castroite jailers/torturers.Some background: Shortly after Jimmy Carter (famous for his "human rights"-flavored foreign policy as president) visited Castro in 2002, played baseball with him, and returned home proclaiming Castro "a committed egalitarian who despises any system in which one class or group of people lives much better than another," Zapata-Tamayo was beaten and arrested by Castro's police for the crime of "disobedience." Castro's KGB/STASI-trained secret police had a point. Tamayo, a humble rural plumber and bricklayer, had studied the (smuggled) works of Martin Luther King and Mohandas Gandhi and had attempted some "civil disobedience" to protest the Stalinism imposed on Cuba by the Castro brothers, Che Guevara, and their Soviet puppeteers."This nigra's sure getting uppity!" decided Cuba's...(Read Full Article)