America's Health Care Options

The current health insurance reform bill seems to be the new Schroedinger's cat; it is in a simultaneous state of being both dead and alive. The president wants to have a meeting with both sides in an attempt to stabilize the health of the bill. Whatever the motivation and desired outcome for this meeting, the starting point will definitely be the current bill, which multiple polls show Americans largely rejecting. Roughly half of Americans still feel that our health care system has problems, but the Obama-Pelosi-Reid solution has fallen before it could fly. So what possible solutions exist, and can the current bill be salvaged at all?The taxation of health care is right out. The Constitution secures to all Americans a Right to Life, and no act of the federal government may interfere with one's ability to live. Health care is life, and although used slightly out of context, "the power to tax involves the power to destroy" (John Marshall). There is nothing in law to establish...(Read Full Article)