Three Important Reasons Why Obama's Demagoguery Will Fail

"It's the economy, stupid." Or is it?  We know this shopworn cliché is true because none other than Mr. Health Care Reform himself, Barack Obama, made the economy the featured item in his State of the Union address. But then, saying the economy is front and center to Mr. Obama misstates his real intent, which has everything to do with advancing statism's frontiers and ransacking the bag of cheap tricks that Democrats resort to when sinking in the polls. That bag of tricks is called demagoguery. But will it work this time? No, and for good reasons.        Mr. Obama is after big banks and investment firms. He plans to slap them upside the head and whittle them down to size, all to the frenzied applause of blood-lusting voters. Or so he hopes.The president's national address had all the telltale signs of Bill Clinton's addresses, which were to-do lists on steroids. But unlike Mr. Clinton, who tacked with any old wind, Mr. Obama's...(Read Full Article)