The Speech Needed to Save the Free World

Newly-minted Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell will be presenting the "Republican response" to President Obama's State of the Union address Wednesday evening. Given McDonnell's victory in Virginia, Chris Christie's upset win in New Jersey, and especially Scott Brown's stunning triumph in Massachusetts, it is absolutely critical that McDonnell capture the optimism, energy, and momentum these victories have generated by sending exactly the right message. I hope Governor McDonnell hears me on this. The reason Republicans are having such stunning success is because Republicans are currently the only viable alternative to the willfully destructive policies of the radical leftist Democrats currently in charge. As an economist and researcher of radical movements for twenty-five years, I can speak with authority on this subject. I know this by the enormous mass of evidence available. My writings are but the tip of the iceberg.Many U.S. citizens, however, now recognize the same thing,...(Read Full Article)