The Pentagon's Willful Blindness

The Pentagon's bowdlerized "analysis" of the jihad-inspired mass murder committed by a pious Muslim officer at Fort Hood is a disgrace. The willful blindness toward the essence of jihad will harm our troops.I recently attended a briefing (an early iteration of the discussion contents are available here, entitled "To Our Great Detriment") which elucidated in irrefragable detail the Pentagon's willful capitulation to the dictates of Islamically-correct interpretations of jihad by various Muslim Brotherhood "consultants" to the Department of Defense (DOD). While the DOD adopts the absurdly apologetic interpretation of jihad at its most "aggressive" as a bloodless missionary "striving" to promote the Religion of Peace -- negating the living legacy of jihad as a genocidal war doctrine, in practice as well as in theory -- the Pentagon's Muslim Brotherhood advisers, true to the authentic doctrines of jihad as an endless war of propaganda and...(Read Full Article)