Repeal the Health Bill

Sooner or later, the American people must rise up and do more than complain about the latest wizard wheeze of the progressive educated class. We must take one of their gigantic government takeover bills and flat-out repeal it.Otherwise, they will return every generation and lay another unjust burden upon us.Why don't we do it to the Frankenstein's monster of a health bill now in final delivery, courtesy of the Obama administration and the Reid/Pelosi Congress? The Obama-Reid-Pelosi bill takes one-sixth of the economy and puts it under the power of the administrative state.The issue is clear. The administrative state, championed over the centuries by imperial dynasties, absolute monarchs, revolutionary cadres, and in our own time, by the progressive educated class popularly known as liberals, is unjust. It really is that simple.The administrative state was unjust when it was the means by which the mandarins ruled China. It was unjust when the European absolute monarchs used it to...(Read Full Article)