Progressives and Their Fallacies

Ideology knows no cultural, political, or economic boundaries. Adherents to doctrinaire belief systems -- left, right, religious, anti-religious -- brush aside evidence that might tempt them to question their beliefs. Yet one critter inhabits a class unto itself: the "progressive," a creature who drags muddled thought to unexplored depths.An Adam Smith Institute blog by Tim Worstall addresses the left's persistent denial of the Laffer Curve, which shows how government gains no revenues by implementing either zero- or one-hundred-percent tax rates, but maximizes revenues by keeping rates just below levels intolerable to taxpayers. Despite the Laffer Curve's reflection of reality, progressives reject the established fact that revenues dwindle when rates climb too high. One response to Worstall's blog is especially thought-provoking.It's bad enough having to accept that the collectivists and assorted liberals and lefties are just plain stupid, but at least if this were true...(Read Full Article)