Obama's Health Care Discrimination

One thing we get with our mother's milk today is revulsion for what civil-rights lawyers call "invidious" discrimination. For the civil-rights lawyers who attained their status through the invidious discrimination known as affirmative action, the word in quotation marks means "likely to create ill will" or "offensively or unfairly discriminating." Now, the problem with judging invidiousness is that it requires you know what fairness is. For instance, it certainly creates ill will when Americans are rejected simply because they're too white or too male, but the government doesn't trouble much about that.   We also have an unfair progressive income tax that evokes ill will in high-wage-earners. But although I'm no fan of such taxation, at least it reflects a moral principle that, when applied privately and justly, is valid. After all, I think most of us have at times given someone down on his luck a break.  And this is what Barack...(Read Full Article)