Massachusetts! Now What?

The best thing that conservatives and independents can do to pay tribute to Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts is to raise their glasses in an expeditious toast, drink it heartily, and then immediately return to the front lines. There is only a limited amount of time allotted them to delight in the thrill of this victory and learn from their opponent's agony of defeat. It is now time to return, emboldened and better-equipped, to where the battle for America is the fiercest, and reengage the tooth-and-nail struggle to prevent the Obama administration from fulfilling its all encompassing-visions of statism. There are some important reasons why we can not afford to bask in the glow of victory for too long. The enemy has been only temporarily routed. It will now seek to regroup and return with a vengeance. Our job is to force it to make a full, unconditional retreat, back to the slimy rock from under which it crawled in the first place.As a matter of the first order, we must not...(Read Full Article)