Ideological Rationalization of the Senate

Blanche Lincoln is in deep trouble. Harry Reid is, too. Byron Dorgan, facing deep reelection problems, has simply given up his Senate seat. Ben Nelson may well do that in the 2012 election cycle. Mary Landrieu is feeling some heat. All of these senators well ought to be in trouble. Others like Pryor in Arkansas, Tester in Montana, and Conrad in North Dakota should be in big trouble, too, in coming elections. These Democrat senators simply do not at all represent what the voters of their states believe or want. Some of the ones from red states are called "moderate." Are they, though? Blanche Lincoln is out of step with Arkansans not only on health care -- she is out of step with Arkansans, period.  Her lifetime voting record with the American Conservative Union is a paltry 18%. "Moderate" Mary Landrieu has a 23% lifetime voting record with the ACU. The only real moderate Democrat in the Senate is Ben Nelson, whose lifetime rating is 47% with the ACU, and yet he...(Read Full Article)