How The Media Have Mangled The Pro-Life Story

This past year, I found myself chief chronicler of the two of the year's most important stories involving the pro-life movement.  One was the inspiring saga of the 2009 March For Life, the largest in its 36-year history. The second was the dispiriting saga of the recently murdered late-term abortionist Dr. George Tiller.  What the two stories have in common is that each was consciously and completely mistold by the major media. The media did this for one particular reason: They want their audiences to envision the face of the pro-life movement not as young, diverse, passionate, and idealistic, but as old, weary, cruel, and demented.On January 22, 2009, I got to see the true face of the movement. I had come to Washington to shoot a documentary to be called Thine Eyes, the first-ever high-end production centering on the annual March For Life.(Thine Eyes will air Wednesday, January 13 nationwide on EWTN at 10 PM EST. See for details.) I was commissioned to create...(Read Full Article)