History Is Knocking for Obama

Gimme a "health care" bill...any health care bill! Even if it kills the old and the sick by compulsory rationing. See, if somebody has only a statistical ten years to live, then his or her life is worth only one-seventh of an infant who has seventy years to go. There's only so much pork sausage in the national pie.So we have to put the kids before the old, just like the Eskimos used to do during the Arctic winters. Let the old walk out of the igloo into the frozen night to keep the babies alive. That's why Sarah Palin is exactly right in talking about "death panels." Depriving the old and sick of medical care is what death panels do. They do it all the time in Euro-socialism. It's one of the amazing miracles of that system -- just read the British papers on the web. It's coming to your neighborhood soon. This is not "health care"; it's SickoCare, because it's been planned and passed by some real sickos. Gimme a stimulus package...ummm, say, just a tetch...(Read Full Article)