Hey Obama, Who's Freddy?

Is it possible? Did we miss one? With all the Marxists dug out from the very public -- yet very opaque -- story of President Barack Obama's life, could there be room for one more, hiding in plain sight on page 24 of Dreams from My Father?   A Japanese-American man who called himself Freddy and ran a small market near our house would save us the choicest cuts of aku for sashimi and give me rice candy with edible wrappers. Who's Freddy?  I nominate the late Wilfred Mitsuji Oka, former proprietor of the Corner Liquor Store in Honolulu's Chinatown.Friends may protest that the late Mr. Oka went by "Mits," not Freddy -- but Obama disguised the names of many of the people depicted in his book. For instance, the "Frank" in Dreams from My Father is card-carrying Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis, who mentored the young Obama in Honolulu for several years after Obama's return from Indonesia and until Obama left Hawaii to attend Occidental College in Los...(Read Full Article)