Cuba's Latest Whopper

The U.S. Defense Dept. "caused the Haiti earthquake with electromagnetic shock-wave bombs," reports the Castro regime. "Iran is Next." Intrepid bloggers at Babalu Blog discovered the stunning revelation above in an exclusive article on a website run by the Castro regime titled Verdades de Cuba (Cuban Truths). Russian intelligence, we learn upon reading, recently arrived at the determination and vouchsafed it (apparently exclusively) to their vital Cuban allies.It seems that the Russian Northern Fleet -- in particular its flagship, the Peter the Great -- has been closely monitoring U.S. Navy hanky-panky in the Caribbean for two years now. "Lately the U.S. has made tremendous advances in their Earthquake weapons," report the Russians via the Cubans. U.S. satellites allow for the aiming and concentration of these powerful radio frequencies, which harness the natural interaction of forces between the ionosphere and the earth's fault lines. An ultra-secret...(Read Full Article)