California: An Obituary

Only raw and unrestrained liberalism could have destroyed the world's 8th-largest economy. Boasting unparalleled assets in agriculture, high technology, entertainment, and tourism, and blessed with ample energy resources, deep-water ports and ideal weather, California has nonetheless managed to turn itself into a perfect dystopia. California's governor offered this in his last State of the State message: "We need to work with the feds so that we can fix the flawed formula that demands that states spend money they do not have." Certainly that's a good start from Schwarzenegger, who only recently, as part of a degrading suck-up routine, graded Obama's performance as president with an A. But pointing to the federal government's brazen overreach doesn't address California's true malady: a self-inflicted, endless orgy of failed leftist policies and programs enacted under one-party legislative rule.The litany of problems is well-known and oft-cited. We Californians are overtaxed,...(Read Full Article)