Blue to Red: Massachusetts Senate Race

American Thinker will be covering the 2010 midterm elections, with featured articles on Republican challengers for Senate, House, and Governor's races. We will also focus on hotly contested races where Republican-held seats are at risk. The GOP now holds 40 Senate seats, 178 House seats, and 24 Governor's chairs. After the 2010 census, some states will gain House seats and others will lose them. Having more GOP governors will ensure a role in the redistricting process at the state level. So will winning control of more state legislative chambers. To take back control from the Democrats, a pickup of 40 seats in the House and 11 in the Senate is required. In 2012, of the 33 senators up for reelection, only nine are Republicans. If the GOP picks up a significant number of Senate seats in 2010, they could gain control in a target-rich environment in 2012 (Jim Webb, Ben Nelson, John Tester, and Claire McCaskill).  Given what the Democrats have done in 2009 with control of the...(Read Full Article)