American Thinker's First Six Years

American Thinker turns six today. Like six-year-old human beings, we're still growing and learning rapidly, with lots more eventful life ahead. Following a few test posts in late 2003, AT began daily publication of original articles and blog items on January 5th, 2004. The growth and change we've experienced since then have been remarkable.Still the same, however, is our commitment to presenting thoughtful commentary on the events of public significance, from a wide range of people, going well beyond the usual suspects found in more venerable outlets. We remain grounded in an understanding of fallible human nature, the wisdom of the American Founding Documents, and the value of tradition as guide to the future.AT's OriginsThe idea of creating AT really began to germinate in  my mind in the wake of 9/11, as politics became not just a matter of taxes, regulation, and laws, but of national survival. War had come to America, and it was time for American politics to take the...(Read Full Article)