A Revolution in Massachusetts

Scott Brown, the Massachusetts Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in the special election to replace the late Ted Kennedy, enjoys neither widespread name-recognition nor charisma. The Democratic Party challenger, Martha Coakley, career state prosecutor-turned-Attorney General, is as exciting as an Irish boiled dinner, easily qualifying as the uncontested princess of dullness.Doesn't seem like a contest worth even a glancing look. Why bother when the opponents are both nondescript, flatline boring...and the Democrat always wins in Massachusetts anyhow? Except that Scott Brown might just pull off the upset. If so, it would break the Democratic Party stranglehold on Northeast Congressional politics begun by JFK's defeat of Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. for the U.S. Senate in 1952. Once Lodge suffered a second and final defeat at the hands of JFK when Lodge was Richard Nixon's running mate in the 1960 presidential sweeps, Massachusetts's longstanding bastion of conservatism was breached,...(Read Full Article)