A Brief 2010 Republican Midterm Platform

Republican prospects for 2010 have grown big. The generic congressional ballot shows Republicans with a statistically significant lead. Once-safe Senate Democrats like Ben Nelson now trail badly in their reelection bids. The Rasmussen Poll numbers for Obama reveal a steep drop in job approval.  Obama was intended by Democrats to be the post-partisan leader who would energize and inspire Americans. Instead, he seems to flounder when confronted with actual decisions. He surrounds himself with incompetent fans like Desiree Rogers and Janet Napolitano rather than serious administrators. Obama has charm, but he has overused that charm, and now it bores and irritates rather than delights.  Obama's growing weakness is more dangerous for Democrats because they have followed him in lockstep. When the notional "conservatives" like Ben Nelson utterly ignore their constituents in favor of wildly unpopular health care legislation, then Democrats have defined themselves as...(Read Full Article)