In unmistakably peace-loving Tehran, Western observers have beheld street processions of missiles conspicuously emblazoned with clearly stenciled words evoking all the charm and grace of a greeting card: "To Jerusalem."Late in the 1960s, shortly after Israel's spectacular military victory in the Six-Day War, its then-newly-elected Prime Minister -- the Russian-born, Milwaukee-raised, and Denver-educated former U.S. citizen, Golda Meir -- was asked if she were not afraid that, because of Israel's need for defense, the country might become "militaristic." "I can only answer," replied the lady, "that I don't want a fine, liberal, anticolonial, antimilitaristic, dead Jewish people."Those words were spoken some forty-one years back.  Here's my "report," as it were, in the matter -- four decades hence:I was in the city of Jerusalem a couple of years ago for "Yom Yerushalayim" -- that's Jerusalem Day -- May 22 this year. On the...(Read Full Article)