They Are All RINOs

Republicans like to point to Ronald Reagan for inspiration. However, we have to resign ourselves to the fact that Ronald Reagan is dead. Worse, his legacy was killed off by his own party, the same Republicans who say he inspired them.  The only lasting legacy of George W. Bush was the nomination of two constructionist judges and a fading response to terrorism. For eight years, we saw GW insist more on getting along than being right. Even the war in Iraq was fought on the cheap, which defies the logic of waging war. In the long run, Bush's own dithering on Iraq cost many lives before finally settling on the surge.  And before GW were Bob Dole and GHW. Both had lengthy though uninspiring résumés. Their only real credentials were that it was their turn. The only conservative voice since Reagan was Newt Gingrich in Congress -- and Bill Clinton co-opted all of Newt's successes as his own. With a willing accomplice in Ross Perot (who probably couldn't stand...(Read Full Article)